Customer Testimonials

I have bought many guitars over the years from dealers in the States. Some have been good experiences and some have not but I thought you should know that dealing with you has been a genuine pleasure. The condition of the '54 Strat was exactly as you described, it was perfectly packed and delivered safely to me in London. As for the price, it was better than any comparable guitar that I could have bought here.

Again many thanks,

The guitar arrived right on schedule, could not keep it a surprise from my husband. I knew the guitar was going to look good but had no idea how much nicer it was when I opened the case. My husband's jaw dropped to the floor when I gave it to him. He already owns other PRS's 10 tops but this is by far the nicest. He tuned it right up and said it plays like a dream. Could not have set it up better himself. Look forward to doing more business in the future with you. I'm sure he'll tell all of his friends about Overland Guitars.

A Very Happy Customer,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the guitar, it's absolutely beautiful. Also the t-shirt was a classy touch. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Definitely keep me in mind if you get any more PRS lefties.

Thank you very much,
Mike P

The guitar arrived in excellent condition. It's a fine instrument and sounds great. Thank you Dave for the tee-shirt and your as promised service in the sales and delivery of the guitar. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

The Firebird has arrived and it's everything you said it was. It showed up in excellent shape. One of the ferrules had come out of one of the tuner holes in the headstock, but no damage was done. I put it together, set it up like I like it, and plugged it into the 50W Marshall. After spinning the knobs on the amp a little, wonderful tones came out. It sounds great, very different from anything that I have. The headstock wants to drop, so I have to get used to it or get a "gripper" strap to keep it up. It's a great addition to my small but growing collection and I look forward to doing business with you again.

P.S. Thanks for the T-Shirt!!

I would like to thank you for a beautiful guitar. I am so excited about owning and playing such a remarkable piece. The guitar arrived at my home at about 3:30 pm yesterday in perfect condition. My wife, who was wondering why I need another guitar, even told me she was glad I got it...It sounds so good! Just wait 'til I take the Elixer's off!

Again, thank you for giving me a great deal.

Just a quick note to let you know that I greatly appreciate your excellent service. The guitar is indeed in NEW condition with all of the documentation and warranty card intact. The T-shirt was a nice touch, too! This has been the best mail-order transaction I've ever done. I greatly look forward to future purchases with you, and you can bet that I'll recommend you to others. Thanks again!


WOW!! I just received the bass today and it's awesome!!! Your packing job was outstanding. Just like a chinese gift, larger packages to smaller ones. Everything you said about the bass was right on! I can't tell you how worried I was about buying a bass "over the phone". I was told by my friends here in San Francisco that you were a heavy hitter in the vintage guitar scene and not to worry about the bass. Still, seeing that this is the first time for me I was still nervous. You get the official thumbs up on your job with me. Anything that I can do for you, sourdough bread, niner tickets, buzz me.

Thankfully yours,

I got the amp yesterday and I LOVE it. I would have emailed you to let you know I got it sooner, but I have been too busy playing with it. Also thank you for the shirt. I am wearing it right now. Thanks again and I hope we can do business again in the future.


The 330 arrived yesterday in great shape. The guitar is amazing! Thanks for the great packing job and the T-shirt.

Hope we can do business again.

I received the EVH today and I love it! Thanks for the shirt. I will recommend you in the future.

Thanks again,

Received guitar today in one beautiful piece!!! Tuned her up, she sounds sweet! I finally have a taylor!! Feel free to give my email address to prospect customers!